The Wellness Moonshot is a call to action to eradicate chronic, preventable disease worldwide by uniting the health and wellness industries. GWI’s goal is to aggregate information on a global scale, collaborate to share knowledge and eliminate silos, and accelerate the pace of change to achieve significant results.   


Global Leaders Launch The Wellness Moonshot 

The Global Wellness Institute launched The Wellness Moonshot at the 2017 Global Wellness Summit, with immediate support from global wellness leaders, medical professionals, and committed organizations. 

The Case for The Moonshot

Statistics show that lifestyle related diseases are creating a global health crisis, estimated to cost $47 trillion by 2030. (Source: World Economic Forum estimate)

The Right Idea at The Right Time

See why health and wellness leaders from around the world support The Wellness Moonshot-and why they are joining together to support this urgent and critical mission. 


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